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Unilux triple glazed doors & windows

Unilux are Australia's most energy efficient doors and windows, meeting the strict Passive House standard requirements.  Unilux have been established in Australia since 2012 with head-quarters in Hobart Tasmania,  servicing all States, with a focus on Victoria and Tasmania.  The Unilux factory is in Salmtal, Germany where all the windows and doors are custom made to the highest standards.  Unilux is the largest German manufacturer of Timber / Aluminium clad windows and doors.  Unilux, which started as a family joinery business has been operating for 60 years and has grown to having over 350 employee's and a 30,000m² state of the art production facility.

Link to the German parent website here for further detailed information on the products available.  Use the message box on our home page to request a free quote or further information.


0404 709 832


Frame types available: 

Timber only, Fenster-meister series average U-Value of 0.9W/m²K.

Timber with Aluminium cladding externally. Designline0.8 series, average U-Value of 0.8W/m²K.

uPVC (steel reinforced) with Aluminium cladding externally.  Isostar-Alu series, average U-Value of 0.7W/m²K.

uPVC (steel reinforced).  Isostar Plus, average U-Value of 0.79W/m²K.

Fineline Curtain wall system, average U-Value of 0.53W/m²K.  54mm profile width in elevation (slim line)

Glass is supplied to meet the Australian Standards

Triple glazed units have a Ug of 0.5W/m²K, units are 48mm thick with 2 x LowE

coatings, argon gas in the cavities and super clear low iron glass.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is 0.53

Light Transmittance 0.74

All U-Values and technical performance specifications are independently tested in the European standard laboratories for the window and door industry.

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